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Trending: Curved & Bulky Furniture

The furniture design market have long swayed crisp, clean geometric lines and slender shapes. But the trends of the moment paint a much softer and welcoming picture, giving way to curves and sinuous silhouettes. In addition, this plumper furniture is quite massive. Comfort is now at the center of furniture design, which makes it cozy and lavish. Rounded lines and XXL sizes are now the axes on which are based current furniture creations.

Top: curvaceous furniture by Jussaume
Bottom: an XXL sofa, fluffy to perfection, from Montauk Sofa.


Connecting Softness and Comfort

Partly renewing a trend of the seventies, inspired by Art Deco and Mid-Century styles of the fifties, and possibly a revival of the eighties’ maximalism propelled by the spirit “bigger is better”, the popularity of curved furniture and large format is increasing. From shops to residences, it fills the spaces with inviting shapes, evoking a sense of relaxation and well-being. While designers advocate the blending of shapes, textures and eras, curvy furniture gets an energized rebirth. Presenting a beautiful balance between modernity and femininity, it fits perfectly with other current trends in interior design. More than aesthetic, these rounded furniture with generous volumes reflect the search for proximity, for coziness, as well as for convenience and comfort that characterize the living spaces of our time.

Top row and bottom right corner:  Perez – Bottom left corner: Alpha mobilier fait main


Smoothing Out Angles

Being comfortable is what consumers are looking for at home as well as in commercial and public spaces. With more massive and oversized furniture, in total disruption with minimal design preaching for discretion and slenderness, the design field exerts its madness for comfort, for plentiful forms, for inviting and “cozy” looks. As living areas tend towards multi-function uses, and as we abandon walls in favor of open and airy spaces, importance is given to the convenient and the useful. We are today renewing with the primary functions of furniture.

At élément de base, the Grizzly couch potato, with customizable components and cushions filled with feathers.


Try, Adopt, Praise

Moreover, the “conversation pit” becomes central to our living spaces. That’s why the new sofas, armchairs and other seats feature plush and wraparound cushions, fluffier materials rich in textures, bouncy backrests, and rounded angles. All these elements introduce conviviality and promote circulation.

Top: UBU design – Bottom left corner: Italdivani – Bottom right corner: Amisco


A Natural Match

No more half-measures. Faded, minimalist and linear furniture are behind us. Furniture now takes its due with audacity, taking over space. We now dare as much with volume as with texture and colour. We even allow anachronisms, playing with different styles, seamlessly marrying modern elements to treasures of the past. Interior decors now reflect the personality and the story of the people who live in them. This lightness is welcome in our homes and contrast is the key to creating these harmonious spaces. Curved furniture alone can soften a room. In fact, a study led by the University of Oregon* and linking the effects of furniture on emotions, suggested that environments with curved furniture evoked more positive emotions and feelings - such as relaxation, happiness and hope, unlike square or rectangular shaped furniture. The organic curves of nature, found in our interiors, also soften our moods.

Prepare to be charmed. Plump and chubby furniture are here to stay. With their generous proportions, curved profile, sensual lines, deep cushions and wide armrests, current furniture invite you to take a seat and enjoy every moment.


*Reference: Rounded, curvy furniture puts people at ease. University of Oregon (2011). 

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