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The furniture that brings us together and reflects us

Joanne and Marcel Boucher raised their family in a house decorated with Quebec furniture. These include, among other things, a whole collection of Canadel furniture, a dining table cut in Grandes-Bergeronnes granite and a Dutailier brand rocking chair that belonged to the paternal grandfather and in which their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were rocked. This timeless furniture has grown with them over time.

Furniture: at the heart of our identity

Joanne first talks to us about this big table: “The heart and lungs of the house!” she is pleased to say. “It’s where everything happens, from sharing an aperitif to sewing,” she says. The custom-made table reminds Marcel, who is native to Hauterive, of the rocky hills of the North Shore. “The furniture defines us in a sense. It appeals to our heritage, to our land.” Marcel notes.

Furniture that is timeless and sturdy

Joanne and Marcel attach great importance to these pieces of furniture, which have grown old with them, but without losing their shine. Timeless in appearance and made of fine materials, their furniture has been easily adapted to the styles and trends over the years and has survived the vagaries of age very well. Joanne and Marcel greatly appreciate the sturdiness, which we associate with Quebec furniture, from the pieces they have collected since becoming a couple.


Quebec manufacturers, trusted manufacturers

Following the birth of a fourth child and after buying a new home, Joanne went with her mother to a retailer to shop for a new master bedroom set. In front of the variety of furniture, Joanne focused her attention on a Laurier brand set. “My mother herself had a Laurier Furniture set, which is now over 40 years old and is now part of our guest room. She was very satisfied. We therefore didn’t hesitate. The mahogany set was both modern and warm, and had beautiful curves. Although no longer producing furniture, we still benefit today, 20 years later, from the design and reliability of the manufacturer’s products.”


The appeal of wood

It is perhaps not surprising that Joanne and Marcel share this affection for furniture manufactured from our native tree species. Indeed, both grew up with wood enthusiasts. While Joanne’s father was a cabinetmaker and enjoyed working with walnut, cherry and mahogany, Marcel’s grandfather built boats. “It was Joanne’s father who built the cradle that rocked the children and some of the grandchildren in the family.” From the Canadel living room furniture set made of natural wood and including a sideboard, a china cabinet and a cupboard, to the traditional Dutailier rocking chair, the two sexagenarians’ furniture is as beautiful today as the day it was built. And Joanne and Marcel are sure it will stay that way for a long time. “We want the furniture to stay in the family!” Marcel states.


Joanne and Marcel can count on this certainty: the history of their furniture will certainly continue for generations to come.


Do not hesitate to see this portrait of proud Quebec furniture owners!


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Jul. 10th, 2019