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The Democratization of Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is more accessible than ever. Today’s market offers consumers the opportunity to be part of the equation by participating in the design of their furniture. Mass consumption becomes personalized, to the delight of customers who, thanks to greater flexibility, can finally contribute to the design of their furnishing. Many Quebec manufacturers encourage individual expression that way, allowing anyone and everyone to create unique and inspiring pieces that are as beautiful as they are durable.


A changing market

Beginning in the 1990s, the manufacturing industry has undergone a major paradigm shift that transitions the more traditional manufacturing of standardized furniture into the world of personalized products. Furniture manufacturers, responding to a growing demand from customers for unique and personalized products, have had to adapt. From mass production is born the current of mass customization. This new vision of furniture manufacturing merges the personalization of products with the efficiency of mass production. This new state of mind allows products to be of quality while remaining reasonably priced, as well as being more suited to the needs and tastes of customers. This production of custom furniture is effective in the most part thanks to the use of new technologies. Emerging technologies have simplified the customization process, allowing the custom furniture market to be competitive in terms of production delays and of production cost. Customization of furniture is therefore no longer a privilege. It allows consumers to own unique furnishing and responds to the fundamentally human desire to decorate, adorn, and differentiate, in addition to allowing consumers to get involved in the design process of their new furniture.

Overview of some customization options available for Beaudoin’s Romeo upholstered bed, manufactured in Daveluyville, Quebec.


Customization is finally accessible

Although often inexpensive and easily accessible, mass-produced furniture is designed for a disposable lifestyle and do not always match buyers’ yearnings. By selecting a finish or size through the customization process, consumers are able to co-create furnishing which suit their aspirations and which really speak to them. This new approach to manufacturing, based on meeting the needs of the customer, now allows access to a range of customization options, and this, while being generally more affordable than turning to entirely custom-designed furniture.


Consumers, in addition to accessing the fascinating world of customization with furniture lines that come with a range of design possibilities, ultimately get furniture with which they emotionally connect. With so many options to choose from, like material, color, finish or accessories, they can let their creativity lead the way. The importance of these customization based on personal style has led companies to reinvent products, offering more elements and options to choose from. Even more fascinating, thanks to sophisticated online ordering tools, some manufacturers are further facilitating the customization of home furnishings. Such online tools include Canadel’s UDesign configurator, a user-friendly tool that simplifies the experience of ordering process. All of these options made available to customers contribute to giving meaning to the acquired furniture.

Canadel innovates by offering its consumers the UDesign configurator, which allows them to personalize all the aspects of their new furniture, and to visualize the items before purchasing.


A universe of possibilities

Purchasing custom furniture is purchasing the guarantee that it will meet our needs and that it will be functional, adapting to our space as much by its size as by its look. Some manufacturers may even adapt our furniture to the color scheme and style of our room. “Mixology” is now at the heart of how we appropriate furniture pieces to fit our style and personality, without losing the efficiency and practicality of mass-produced and “ready to use” furniture. Each option selected customizes a standard piece of furniture, but the result is far from being standard: it has a unique style, providing depth and meaning to what is commonly a commodity.

While true custom furniture is handmade from A to Z, personalized or co-created furniture is based on an existing platform, which is then adapted to each client’s desires. Its production remains partly automated or standardized, in order to speed up the process and make the final product more affordable, while still being unique.

As extra joy to us all, it is now easy to find customizable furniture manufacturers in Quebec. In today’s sustainable consumption trend, this is an appreciable and significant factor. After customers have selected the desired shape, fabric or color, these local manufacturers produce the furniture which can often be delivered in better delays than if it were imported.

Rupert table with shelves from Amisco.


Thanks to simplified ordering tools and advanced manufacturing processes, Quebec furniture manufacturers can now offer attractive and trendy products that can be easily customized by consumers. In a reasonable time and at an affordable cost, we now all have access to unique and personalized furniture. That’s something to celebrate!

Shown above as an example, Mobican’s Lea upholstered headboards in two different looks.
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