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On the loveseat with Chloé Comte

Doing decor and DIY with an enthusiasm for design, interior designer and columnist behind the popular blog L’An Vert du Décor.

From studying jewelry in Nice, Fine Arts in Monaco to interior design in Montreal, Chloé Comte’s journey is nothing less than extraordinary. Her winding path, however, allowed the child who once made Barbie houses using old recycled cardboard boxes to develop the unparalleled creativity that she skilfully applies today in one or another of her many projects.


A little about Chloé Comte

Chloé Comte gives us her DIY experiences and decorating stories in her blog L’An Vert du Décor. Personalization is at the heart of her collection of posts. It is indeed this very intimate approach that explains her passion for decoration. “I never liked living in someone else’s decor or space… I always needed to personalize my space to feel good, to feel at home,” she shares.

Chloé Comte

After having worked in jewelry for nearly 10 years in Paris, Chloé Comte left her native Europe to take the plunge and move to Montréal. After studying interior design and a practicing her craft for few years, she finally made the leap and started her own business. She initially created her blog L’An Vert du Décor in 2008 in order to promote her services. “My initial goal when I launched my blog in 2008 was to promote my little interior design company. I was just starting as a freelancer in the field. Then, little by little, I got into writing and started to really enjoy sharing my ideas, work and discoveries on my own canvas,” she explains. She adds: “Although blogging is an integral part of my job today, I do not agree to everything that is offered to me. I must have an affinity for the subject to talk about it. I admit to being very selective. To begin with, I try to remain true to myself and to my convictions in order to be as transparent as possible.” It is indeed this authenticity that makes her content so enjoyable! Chloé Comte’s writings sincerely illustrate the person she is. Creativity, freshness, originality and off-the-beaten-track design projects are at the forefront. Very often, she invites us in and shows us projects carried out at her own home. Always creative, she delivers home improvement DIY projects, tips and ideas in a practical way and with a green and ecological touch.


“My primary concerns in decor are to reuse, recycle and create. I like to think that you do not have to buy new from a shop for a project to be successful and beautiful. I think it’s about time to change our consumption habits,” Chloé explains. She says that when she talks about changing her consumption habits, promoting local business is also part of the process. “For my design projects, when I cannot transform or reuse what already exists, I turn to local companies that will know how to respond to my requests and help me make my ideas happen.“


Furniture made here

According to Chloé, the furniture made by local manufacturers will always be easier to upgrade, transform or renovate. Simply because the material used for these objects is lovingly chosen and worked. “Furniture that is well assembled and produced with love will last longer and be better suited to transformations,” she says. “I have a tip for you: it’s good to look at the sidewalks during the famous moving season! I have a dresser at home that we saved from a very sad end on a sidewalk. We completely renovated it and gave it a second life. I gave away and sold a lot of furniture these past years, but this dresser is still in my home!”

The saved dresser.


Does Chloé own Quebec made furniture? “Unfortunately, since I was not born here, I do not have many and when I moved to Quebec, my darling and I did so with the means we had at hand. However, my coffee table was custom made from recycled centennial maple wood. I could not find anything on the market that looked like what I had imagined. So, I made a drawing of my table and called Frédéric from Rustik Québec.

The table designed by Chloé and manufactured by Rustik Québec.



Thanks to her blog and her trade, Chloé was able discover several beautiful pieces. Here are some newer examples from these favourites.


First, there is Woodstock & Cie, which is a small company that makes beautiful solid wood furniture. “What I like most is their environmental awareness. Woodstock & Cie is committed to minimizing their carbon footprint and replanting a dozen trees for each piece of furniture sold. Furthermore, their method of ordering furniture online avoids unnecessary intermediaries and costs. We only pay the price for the furniture ordered, which is delivered directly from the manufacturer to the consumer.”


Chloé also fell in love with Luminaire Authentik 3 years ago. “This lighting company manufactures tailor-made products and has its own collection. I myself tested their custom manufacturing service and I am in love with the wall unit that I drew, and they then made for me.”


Finally, Chloé chose to present us with the Ergonofis office furniture manufacturer. “They specialize in sit-stand desks (adjustable-height sit-stand desks). Even here, it’s possible to customize your office, to choose the materials and accessories. Knowing that we spend most of our life working, I think it’s important to equip ourselves properly!”

Top image: a glimpse of products signed Luminaire Authentik. Bottom image: the Shift 2.0 desk from the company Ergonofis.


Repurposing furniture and ecology

Repurposing furniture may seem complicated at first glance, however, Chloé maintains that “it all depends on how agile we are and on our area of ​​DIY expertise. Often, it is more a question of taking longer than being complicated! We only need to make sure that we have the time, enough patience and, particularly, good equipment to do it.” However, the endless possibilities for repurposing furniture go hand in hand with eco-friendly fashion, which Chloé cherishes. “Repurposing furniture is pretty eco-friendly since we are recycling and giving life back to a piece of furniture that we no longer liked, or that no longer suited our interior, rather than throwing it away. It is also a great solution for changing the primary function of a piece of furniture! For example, using an old console or dresser as a vanity or an old haberdashery as a kitchen counter…”


Some resources

And for beginners, for those looking for assistance or who need a hand, does Chloé have some good references? Absolutely!  “If you’ve never done it before, the Internet is a gold mine for tutorials like this. Also know that there are workshops where various techniques are taught. These provide a good foundation and will give you the proper tools to get you started.” Among those: Les Affûtés, Le palais des bulles, Lilique Recycle and Aube Design.


Other than her L’An Vert du Décor blog, where could you meet Chloé Comte in the coming weeks? Try to find her at one of the DeSerres artist equipment stores! Indeed, she is often there, because she is currently working in collaboration with this beautiful family business. We should see her work appear in magazines or in their site for the holiday season!

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