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How to Shop for Québec-made furniture

Congratulations, you’re thinking about buying Québec-made furniture! It might be because of the quality, the personalization options, to buy local, the environment or for the style… whatever your reason, it’s a great decision!

The Meuble du Québec website exists first and foremost to facilitate the purchase of locally made furniture, which requires a bit of research.

If you want to reduce your number of shopping trips, the Meuble du Québec website should definitely be your first stop, it’s a must. Not only will it show you the wide selection that’s available to you, but it’ll help you determine which manufacturers correspond to your style.

There are two ways of searching:

  1. The “Furniture” section has a room filter depending on the type of pieces you are looking for. It’s a good way to explore and get inspired. Once you’ve selected the room, you’ll be able to choose among products categories, which change depending of the room selected.
  1. The “Manufacturers” section is useful to look up manufacturers that you already know of.

In both cases, when you click on the company, you go to the manufacturer’s profile, where you can see a few of their products. All the company information is also on their profile: description, product categories, website, phone number, email, social media, etc.

Once you’ve identified the manufacturers that you like, it is recommended to visit their website because, most of the time, it has a lot more products pictures. The Meuble du Québec website only reflects part of what they have to offer.

You’ve fallen in love with a chair, a bed or a table? Contact the manufacturer to find out which furniture retailers sell the piece that makes your heart flutter.

If you like shopping in person, most of furniture retailers in the province sell Québec-made furniture and many of them use the Meuble du Québec signage. Next time you visit a retailer, ask the representative to show you the Québec-made furniture that fit into your budget first.

Happy shopping!

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Jun. 18th, 2019
By Meuble du Québec