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Focus design: multifunctional, modular and flexible furniture

According to several studies on future trends and what has been observed in recent years, populations around the world, particularly those living in urban areas, prefer or would prefer to live in smaller houses with fewer rooms. Furthermore, rooms such as the living room or the dining room will disappear in favour of spaces that fulfil several functions simultaneously: share meals, chat, have fun, work and relax. Accordingly, furniture transforms to become more multifunctional or modular, easier to transport from one room to another, smaller and more flexible in its use.


With their hole, the YO nested tables from Coop Établi can be combined and assembled if desired.

Do more with less

The emergence of multifunctional furniture is a trend that can, intentionally and unintentionally, contribute to a sustainable lifestyle that will certainly appeal to people who are minimalists. As increasingly more people embrace the “Do more with less” philosophy, we are seeing a shift in interior design. The concept of a single-purpose room changes. We see more multifunctional spaces. The living room is no longer just a living room, the bedroom is more than a place to sleep. The use of space loses its rigidity and becomes more flexible.

In addition to the number of pieces of furniture, the concept of modern minimalist living also has an effect on the design of the furniture used. Furniture that is multifunctional, modular and smaller in size is growing in popularity. The hideaway bed is back, while modular tables and multifunctional stools are among the most sought-after types of furniture. Indeed, a simple stool can play different roles depending on where it is placed and depending on our needs: bedside table, accent table or seat. A table can serve as both a desk and a place to take meals.


The Crawford Island, by Amisco, can be used in a variety of ways. It serves here as a dining island under which we can place the stools when the island is used as a console.


Greater freedom

What is the main quality of multifunctional furniture? Unarguably, it is the versatility that this furniture offers since it is adapted to several situations. Modular furniture offers great freedom in the layout of the home. Quebec manufacturers create a host of both functionally ingenious and visually pleasing furniture. Furthermore, some of these manufacturers allow for the customization of their furniture, so that they even better match the tastes and needs of each individual.


Island on wheels by the company Canadel from Louiseville.


Multitasking space

Regardless of how big our home is, it is difficult to include every piece of furniture that may be needed. Consequently, furniture manufacturers innovate in order to accommodate our habits. This type of furniture allows us to perform several tasks in a single space. This way, you save space (and sometimes even money!), and you get everything you need.


Bixi table and Cindy chairs from Mobican

How many of us do not have the space required to sit several guests at a large dinner table? An extending table with self-storing extensions, such as the Biki table manufactured by Mobican (above) in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, gives us the flexibility to extend the table according to our needs.


Table from the Mix It Up collection by Trica

How many of us prefer to eat in front of the television? A modular table like the one from the Mix It Up collection by Trica (above) offers more storage in the room, in addition to a table at the right height to enjoy the meal sitting on the couch or to allow children to enjoy their activities. And when not in use, it becomes a compact and elegant coffee table, which can even house an ottoman.


Source: Trica


Growth prospects are good for the multifunctional furniture market. Unlike previous generations for which the home and the workplace were two distinct places, Generation Y tends to live in a smaller space where work can be done from home. Consequently, a majority of millennials prefer the flexibility of modular and multifunctional furniture. It is a compact and suitable solution, plus it fits well with consumption trends that are more responsible and minimalist. 


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Nov. 19th, 2019