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Fashionable furniture: 5 trends for 2020

Changes in our way of life are more noticeable than ever. Our desire for a sustainable, simpler lifestyle that is better suited to our well-being and comfort has an effect on what surrounds us, including our furniture. We have therefore identified 5 trends in accordances to these inevitable changes that influence today’s furniture design. 


The more accessible high-end

The furniture market has been growing in recent years. Moreover, mid-range and high-end furniture have, in a way, merged. Manufacturers are notably striving to offer high-end furniture designs at more affordable prices. Yet again this year, manufacturers are pushing in this direction, with a more affordable range of furniture, allowing consumers to purchase so-called “more designer” or “more luxurious” furniture at a price that fits their budget. By taking advantage of the benefits of online sales in particular, manufacturers are eliminating retail costs, allowing them to offer a more affordable and easily accessible option to contemporary design enthusiasts.

The Adélaide swivel and rocker armchair produced by the company Huppé.


Discretion and simplicity

This year, we cannot do without functional, simple and discreet furniture. With the Lagom and Scandicraft trends of 2019, we are moving toward more Arts and Craft styles and more natural materials for 2020. Goodbye to lacquer or an overly industrial look and hello to more imperfect or curved shapes, to more nomadic interiors and to purer and more natural materials.
Above, the brand new Cove collection from Kastella, a concept by company founder Jason Burhop, is available in white oak, a very popular essence this year. Like many current pieces of furniture, this collection highlights the beauty of the wood and the details inherent to the design, such as its solid wood top with slight grooves on each side and its curved belt that connects with its graceful legs.

On the left, the Cove collection from Kastella. On the right, the Melanie bed with a royal blue velvet cover from the manufacturer Jaymar.


Texture, patterns and colours

In contrast to the more discreet trend presented above, another trend is influencing furniture design this year. In 2020, we will see a nostalgic resurgence of rich textures such as velvet and raw or rough materials. Furthermore, we will find colours related as much to the Art Deco movements of the 1920s and 1930s as to the hyppie boho or disco styles of the 1970s and the classics of the post-modern Italian movement. Although furniture in shades of grey is still in fashion, furniture in the bright colours of the 1980s, in shades of white, in hunter green and navy blue, or with more daring patterns, is reviving interior design. Also, the vintage beauty of traditional and antique furniture and materials such as mirrors and smoked or fluted glass will be making a come back. Variety has arrived to suit a wide range of tastes!

The Zone collection fromTeknion consists of armchairs, tables, screens, trestles, accessories and semi-private speakers.


Stools are growing in popularity

Stools, once relegated to kitchen islands and bathrooms, move into the living room, office, lobby and bedroom. Their versatility suits the interior design of homes and businesses. This explains the wider range of stools and other types of adjustable or multifunctional furniture on the market!

The Log stool from the institutional furniture manufacturer Meubles Foliot, located in Saint-Jérôme in the Laurentians.


Focus on eco-design

Today’s consumers are looking for furniture that is in harmony with ecology. It is therefore not very surprising that manufacturers are very attentive to sustainable manufacturing. This demand for furniture made from a sustainable perspective explains why manufacturers are turning to furniture that is made with respect for the environment and offering eco-design alternatives, without neglecting quality and durability. For example, Trica uses steel, aluminum and plastic made from 10 to 80% recycled materials, lead-free and VOC-free powder coating.

Above is the Lola bench from the company,Trica, which uses responsible manufacturing processes.


These are five of the major trends influencing the furniture market this year. With such variety, it’s easy to be inspired and find aesthetic and functional furniture that corresponds to your lifestyle and desires! Happy shopping!


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