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Why choose Québec furniture

Québec-made furniture distinguishes itself from furniture made elsewhere. Learn more about the advantages of choosing furniture made here.


The furniture manufacturers in Québec offer products in a variety of ranges: there is something for every budget.


From mid-century modern to traditional, Québec furniture is available in many styles, you will surely find something you love!


The furniture manufacturers in Québec share their passion for design, their concern for comfort and their commitment towards durability by producing quality furniture that they are very proud of.



Many manufacturers offer a selection of finishes, wood essences, fabrics, colours, legs and materials which allows every consumer to have a piece of furniture perfectly adapted to their decor.


Producing locally reduces greenhouse gas emissions caused by international transport. Also, some furniture is made in countries where lumbering is not as strictly controlled as in Québec, which can accelerate deforestation in those areas of the world.

Buy local

Supporting the local economy creates jobs for Québec workers. The furniture industry in Québec is present in over 1,500 locations throughout the province and employs close to 25,000 people.